Follow Request stuck in "grey state" waiting for approval


(Vincent W.) #1

Hey Zwifters,

We’ve gotten some reports of some friend requests being blocked. How this happens:
Friend 1 sends follow request to Friend 2 who’s account is set to private.
Friend 2 does not see or respond to request.
Friend 2’s “follow button” is grayed out to Friend 1.
Friend 2 no longer has original notification from Friend 1, and is perpetually grayed out to Friend 1.

This is currently being investigated and if there are any breakthroughs I will update this post. Thank you for your patience with us!

(Marcin Chrustowski (TRI20)) #2

I have this problem.Plese see picture

(Carl Lalande) #3

Thats wath happen to me with my best cycling buddy

(. Hans van den Heuvel) #4

I just discovered that this is android problem. Indeed I missed an invitation that was send on an android phone and indeed I was greyed out. But my friend was able to resend me the invitation using his iPhone and once I accepted it, the problem was solved.