Flying in Zwift Bug rears its ugly head

This morning I was gearing up to do oceanside cliffs with my cousin as a private event. About 1 or 2 minutes into the actual ride, my Zwift application froze.

After closing Zwift out, I opened it up and went back in. I am the “ride lead” for this 2 person event.
I rejoined and a message on my screen appeared that should appear. “Finding Riders”

However the game was not able to find the 1 other ride in my event. I believe this is what led to me being stuck in the air. I did also try to load into my event via a world switch. Event was in Watopia. I loaded into Innsbruck to then hop in from there. On innsbruck, the laws of gravity applied to me. Once back in Watopia within my event, I was back to flying.

More than likely, this was due to Zwift could not find the 1 other rider in my event but I felt this was still worth reporting.


Hard Drive ‎256 GB SSD
Graphics Coprocessor ‎AMD Radeon RX 5600M
Chipset Brand ‎AMD
Wireless Type ‎802.11ac

Windows 10