Flicking the Elbow...

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #1

Very small point, and don’t actually know if it is even a problem, but might be of significance to the Velominati when they arrive…

I usuall y ride using view 3 (camera over back wheel looking at back of head) so when I am lined up to the left or the right of a rider, my head obscures their elbow. My thinking is that when a rider in front flicks the elbow I wont actually be able to see it. For me this is not an issue, I am Cadel-like in my ability to ignore a flicked elbow (though not like him with regard to talent) but it may be an issue for team training rides and races etc.

A I said I haven’t experienced this yet as they app with gestures is just rolling out, but protocol would suggest that the elbow that is flicked should be on the side of the rider that I am riding. I have no useful suggestions for how to fix it, unless after 3 ignored elbow flicks you could get the rider in front to turn round and give a potty mouthed tirade of abuse. That would be realistic…

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #2

EDIT - sorry - I meant the "1: view, though the problem will also be the same in the “2” view.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hey Tony,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve noticed this too but I’m not sure how we’d go about making it more visible either. Something to think on, however! I’ll write it down.

(Tony Hocking ZHR) #4

Actually, this probably goes counter to Greg Gibson’s observation on another thread that often the riders jump from side to side when passing (which I’m sure looks properly scary to a real road cyclist) - but as part of the flick elbow command the rider could gently move 50cm to the left or right and then flick the elbow, as if to invite the rider through? Once the command has been executed the rider then drifts back to the original position?