Flexible Training Plans - How is it that they 'adjust'?

(Jim Mattson) #1

I missed a workout last week, because I did two stages of Tour de Oz, and I really needed a rest day.

In http://community.zwift.com/news/6514-zwift-how-to-starting-a-training-plan, it says: “Skip a workout and do a long group ride instead, and the plan will adjust instep.”

It’s unclear to me how the plan has “adjusted instep.” The plan looks exactly the same as it did before the Tour de Oz rides. In fact, I did a third Tour de Oz stage this morning, and still I see no adjustments in the training plan.

By the way, in the weekly summary, it looks like the check marks are in the wrong place. I skipped the fourth workout in week 5, not the second.

(Steven D) #2

Hi Jim,

For any Training Plan workouts you’d prefer to replace with a different workout or when you ride outside Zwift, simply mark the workout as “Completed”.

Note: Once you exit Zwift, the change will become permanent and you will no longer be able to press “UNDO” to unlock the completed workout.

If you have any concerns that the Training Plans are buggy or not working as intended, please submit a support ticketand one of our Zwift support team members will be happy to further assist you. 

(Jim Mattson) #3


Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, I can’t mark the workout ‘completed.’ That option isn’t available. (The workout shows as locked.)

And even if I could mark the workout completed, my original question still stands: “How does the plan ‘adjust’ for this deviation”

(Vincent W.) #4

Hey Jim,

So the adjustment is actually a planned feature for the future, just not quite ready to be live yet. If you check the link again that text has curiously disappeared :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll keep everyone updated on changes of course. And for marking the workout complete, if that workout is still available you should be able to click the “I Did It!” button to complete it.