Flaw : Navigation signs don’t appear if heads-up display is off

I tried to do the London Pretzel today. It’s one of the handful of badges I’m missing. Just for fun, I thought I’d roll with the display hidden for a while - after all, a clutter-free display is nice, isn’t it?

Well, turns out that you don’t get navigation signs at intersections when you hide the display - or at least, I didn’t get them. I must have unknowingly picked a wrong turn, because I was thrown off course & was sent over Fox Hill a 2nd time instead of Box hill. In the end, I did 57 km with 508m of elevation and obviously did NOT get the badge - bummer.

I think it would be a simple and valuable fix to show the navigation signs even if the heads-up display is off. It would prevent route issues like I had today.

If you are following a preset route does it not auto-navigate for you?

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This sounds more like a HUD customization feature request. I’m pretty sure some HUD-less riders do not want the navigation buttons. Click Vote on this thread if that sounds like what you want.

This may be a different bug that has happened to me twice, both times on a longer ride, where it automatically turns me the wrong way.

Colin makes a good point - if yuo’re riding a route, you shouldn’t need to navigate, so I’m confused. Are you saying that riding without the HUD actually took you off route? Or that you’d manually turned at a junction and overridden route and so were relying on junction manual selection being available from that point forward?

There’s a second point here though I think in that when you’re riding a route, sometimes you really really don’t want it to throw you off-course. I use a touch-screen device (ipad) and I’ve accidentally changed routes before just purely by sweat dripping on the screen, or aiming for one button and hitting another. When you’re several hours into a long ride going for a route badge, that’s pretty soul destroying. It makes me wonder if we need a separate feature request for an “are you sure?” dialogue option for leaving your selected route, perhaps only/especially if the route is the first time you’ve ridden it and/or if its the first “off-route” navigation decision that you’re making on the route?

@D.A I know that pre-set routes automatically navigate for you, but in the short time during which I had the HUD off, I was sent off-route. My best guess is that I have accidentally pressed the wrong button thanks to the glorious precision of the Apple TV remote & thrown myself off course accidentally and unknowingly… Thus, my point is : if navigation signs had shown up, I would have known that I was going off the pre-set course and I would have had some time to react and pick the right turn. Without those signs appearing, I never knew that I missed a turn between km 40 and 45. I realized something was wrong when the game sent me over to Fox Hill, knowing the route should have led me the other way around to Box Hill instead…

But yeah, an option to allow/disable route selection could be nice & would prevent navigation issues from interfering with route badges!

@Paul_Southworth That is exactly what I want. I clicked on Vote. Thanks!

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The main issue is that Zwift only has two HUD options. Everything and Nothing.

Allowing people to turn individual things on and off is what we wanted in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and likely what we will still want in 2023.