Flat TT loop

(Todd Baker) #1

Would love a flat TT loop to just hammer on. Might I recommend putting it on a small island due west of the current island :wink:

(Reinhold Brezovszky) #2

Guess a velodrom would be a nice idea here.

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #3

Yeah something for just doing basic intervals.

(Jerry Perullo (B)) #4

It would also be helpful for some beta feedback. Things like playing with cadence, speed, and drafting would be easier in a controlled environment like that.
If you really wanna get fancy, also give us a virtual giant 6% treadmill mountain! That would be awesome. What a good test for new developers. Make a 6% slope treadmill that tops out at 200’ in the air and lets you ride up or back off to ‘float’ back down. Kinda like this but 60’ wide and a mile long! http://i01.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/260/837/370/370837260_081.jpg

(Michael Maddox) #5

This would be a great idea to the structured workouts…basically an FTP test course. And the endless incline…living in Florida, I REALLY need that!

(David Morris (nova.cc)) #6

For an FTP test, it would be fantastic if you could simulate a pro tour TT stage.
Imagine you jumping into a TT stage with 1min splits between riders. Talk about motivation.
Has to include the team car and the start off the ramp as well.
Do it!!!

(Rob Youl) #7

I’d second a tt mode. Especially for triathletes