Flat TT loop

Would love a flat TT loop to just hammer on. Might I recommend putting it on a small island due west of the current island :wink:

Guess a velodrom would be a nice idea here.

Yeah something for just doing basic intervals.

It would also be helpful for some beta feedback. Things like playing with cadence, speed, and drafting would be easier in a controlled environment like that.
If you really wanna get fancy, also give us a virtual giant 6% treadmill mountain! That would be awesome. What a good test for new developers. Make a 6% slope treadmill that tops out at 200’ in the air and lets you ride up or back off to ‘float’ back down. Kinda like this but 60’ wide and a mile long! http://i01.i.aliimg.com/img/pb/260/837/370/370837260_081.jpg

This would be a great idea to the structured workouts…basically an FTP test course. And the endless incline…living in Florida, I REALLY need that!

For an FTP test, it would be fantastic if you could simulate a pro tour TT stage.
Imagine you jumping into a TT stage with 1min splits between riders. Talk about motivation.
Has to include the team car and the start off the ramp as well.
Do it!!!

I’d second a tt mode. Especially for triathletes