Flat is Fast January series GC team results ranking wrong

The Flat is Fast 6 race series that provides team results by adding the 6 races of the top 3 racers in each team (totaling 18 races and adding up all the times of each member’s races, that of the teams with the lowest times are the top ranked). I am a C Rhino, and my C team is currently ranked 4th, but should be ranked 1st based on the combined times of our top 3 racers individually ranked 6th (2:14:38), 38th (2:16:35), and 41st (2:16;50). The top ranked team is DIRT, but should be ranked 3rd as its top 3 racers are 1st (2:14:07), 39th (2:16:36), and 80th (2:18:20). TFC is ranked 2nd, which is accurate based on their 3 riders placing 5th (2:14:34), 16th (2:15:39), and 69th (2:17:49). DBR is listed in 3rd place, which is a huge departure from reality as their top 3 racers are individually ranked 24th, 71st, and 140th. I could be that I don’t know the rules that determine the team rankings, as I could not find any published rules that determine team rankings for the Flat is Fast series, But I am happy to have others investigate and confirm my figures are accurate.

I added wrong for the Rhino Team, the total time of the top 3 riders should be 6:48.02, which ties the time for team TFC, as their time is 6:48:02. So we are tied for 1st, which may change by next Monday morning as more races are completed. But team DIRT should be 2nd with 6:49:03

Dirt would be 3rd!!!

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They are not using the combined overall time of the best three team riders, as you have done in your calculations. [18 race times but from only three riders]

They are taking the best three individual times from each team in each stage and adding them. [18 races times but could be from up to 18 team members]

When you are looking at the team standings click on the white i (information) on :green_circle: and it will list everyone in your team who finished each stage and the18 best results are highlighted.

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Thanks, Ian, for explaining the rules for the team competition. It would have been helpful if Zwift had provided that information up front on the Flat is Fast January GC team results section that had the link to the team and individual results. I have been racing on Zwift since February 2022, and are one of the 3 top individuals for the Rhino team for the Flat is Fast series, and being 76 years old my ability to make sense of all the rules for all the different Zwift races and team competitions is no doubt diminished.

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