Flashy blue screen

I’ve been running Zwift on my Samsung S7 edge for just over a month. Apart from the odd connection issue with my Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ everything has been fairly smooth. Until this week that is; I’ve had a few crashes of the app.

Zwift boots just fine, connects to trainer etc but then early in the ride the screen goes (Zwift) blue and flashes rapidly. This can happen a couple of times requiring an app restart but will settle and run normally eventually.

This started happening after installing Android March security update this week.

I have a somewhat similar issue where if I receive a notification, even if the notification doesn’t pop-up / overlay, the screen starts flickering. I have to pull down the notification area and clear the notification for the flicker to go away.

Phone is Sony XZ Premium.

I have the same issue. My device is a Huawei Medapad T5. When it happened this morning, it was when somebody gave me a thumbs up (could be a coincidence) and was early in the ride. Screen flashes brightly. Had to force close the app and restart. The app picked up the ride where I left of though.