Flashing / lightning + day / night cycle broken

I noticed today during this event ZwiftPower ID 2370886 and last Thursday event 2367514 that the screen was flashing / lightning about every 30 seconds. It is maybe also related to the fact that it seems the day / night cycle was broken on Watopia (staying at nighttime for the whole duration of today’s event i.e. about 3 hours).

I asked other riders during the event and some of them (apparently not all) had the same issue.

That is because it is Halloween :jack_o_lantern: in watopia.


Oh well ok then… so this one is a planned one then… thanks for the info.

Having / had the same issue with my iPAD while running.

This sort of thing, really annoys me, I have to spend time searching, rebooting etc, to see if my ipad screen is on the way out - but no, its a ‘fun’ festive feature zwift has added…

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