Flashing Light In Undersea Tunnel

This is not an important question, but when traveling through the undersea tunnels there is the lights that flash at points. After passing through these tunnels many times my curiosity made me wonder what these lights are supposed to simulate? The courses in Zwift have a high level of reality to them, and this is something that I just can’t explain.

I thought the flashing light was direct sunlight coming through.

I have the same problem

I always thought it was sunlight coming through but now I’m wondering if there’s something down there I’ve missed.

I’ve seen this myself, I *think* it’s a graphics bug!

Yeh, It has an electrical bolt the seems to show up inside the “wall” on the tunnel. It looks deliberate to me.

Ok, It looks like the light flashing has stopped. I haven’t seen it in several weeks. For a minute I thought it might be a gas dissipater. But now it no longer seems to happen.