Flaky software

There, I’ve said it : the software is naff. It’s up and down on my Mac, won’t connect on my iPhone and always seems to want to update on my PC. This needs to be better, it really does.

Try actually giving us something to work with and we might be able to help.
Equipment, what’s happening etc…


The problem is it’s intermittent. As an example, I’d ride one day with no problem and the next, the app will crash - no updates or anything environmental, it just bombs.

Whether I use a PC, iPhone or Mac, yes they’ll run ok for a while but there are always issues and it’s pretty obvious that the software just isn’t stable enough. Shame as it’s a decent product to use…just not reliable enough sadly.

This isn’t normal behavior. I never have crashes, ever…

Windows 10, GTX 1650 video card, SSD HD
ANT+ dongle

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User since 2014. PC, Windows 10 and now 11.

Only issues have been my ISP…

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Me neither, Windows 10 PC and occasional Android.

Seems really odd you are experiencing issues across 3 platforms.

It might not be normal to you but I can assure you, I’m getting them! Looking online, I’m not the only one with issues that seem to come and go.

Please provide more info.

Fire up the app on my Mac, click “let’s go” and then the screen changes to the usual succession of messages and then the screen collapses and closes.

There is currently a bug on mac: see Mac blank screen, colored screen and black blocks. READ THIS [October 2021] [1.18.0] - #144 by Gundula_Krause_TBL

Your PC will be fine.

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Thanks Gerrie