Hello Zwift! I’m from Belgium and I feel a bit discriminated against :slight_smile: Have you noticed that the flags of the country next to the names are not exactly the same size, some are large and some like my country are smaller… Visually it would be much nicer if they all had the same size.

Thx for the fix :wink:


Hi Domien,

I run everyday with varying nationalities and Belgians are a regular to my event.

I’ve never noticed any issues with flag sizes.

I run Windows, it might be platform specific. What do you run Zwift on?
An image would be great.

I run Windows to on PC. Look to the right of the screen. Some flags are smaller and some are larger. I know it’s a small detail :slight_smile:

It looks like Zwft are using the exact and correct aspect ratio of national flags.



Yes, there’s a difference between the flags with horizontal and portrait detail. Never noticed in 8 years of Zwifting but then my eyesight is spectaularly bad.

Even in portrait there is a difference between, look at the Danish flag and USA for example.

Ah oke that make sense… I was once a web designer and that means it has to be pixel perfect for me :joy:

That’s the best example - US flag has an aspect ratio of 19:10, Denmark 38:27.