Flagged on my ride today

 Started out fine, but after 10 minutes and an attempted calibration my power went crazy jumping from 1200-4000 watts with easy pedaling. Tried several calibrations again plus ending ride and unplugging the trainer after that and another spindown it seems correct now.

However I show a flag next to my name and no w/kg even after logging out and back in. How can I remove the flag? I have a CycleOps Magnus with maybe 10 rides and no problems before this.


It goes away after a set time period, I think it’s 30 minutes.

Ok thanks 

Did you calibrate / spindown using the Rouvy app? When you do that you need to unpair it on Zwift, do the spindown with Rouvy, shut down Rouvy then pair up with Zwift and carry on.

No, I’m not sure what happened, I did the in-game spin down and it has always worked for me before. I suspect the problem was that I had my wife help me do it and never stopped pedaling until it told me to. Previously I got off the bike to set up the spindown then got back up to the 23 mph from a complete stop. I was flying, though I was at 4000 watts without even trying



The warning clears after an hour but will return if you’re calibration is still off. I’ve had better luck calibrating my Magnus CycleOps trainer with Rouvy Mobile. It’s under the “FTP Test”