Flag of Bretagne

One of the most seen flags in cycling is the flag of Bretagne and it s still missing in Zwift.
Please make our flag.

It’s not an official flag, is it? Zwift doesn’t even have all the official flags in yet…

Hi Daren,

Yes, it is a official flag.

Yeah but bretagne is not a country is it?

You’ll have to pardon me as I’ve had an American public school education but I’d never heard of bretagne before

Hi Ward,

If it’s a country? Well that all depends on who you ask, but officially it’s not a country.

If you watch cycling you will know our flag. Black and white with hermines and stripes.

Brittany is the most west part of France, the land of Asterix and Obelix. Kelt, like wales.


I’m up for the flag of Breizh :slight_smile::clap: