Flag does not appear as chosen

(Abdulmajeed Alshehab) #1



i already chose my country flag of Saudi Arabia and i can see it in my profile. however, when i ride i see grey Canadian flag next to my name!

i am talking on behalf of myself and my friends who have the same issue.

please help with this issue.



(Jason K) #2

That flag isn’t Canadian - it’s our default Zwift placeholder flag for ones that haven’t been added to the game yet.

There’s a limited number of flags in game due to memory restrictions right now. We’re working to optimize this and plan to bring in flags for countries listed on the ISO 3166-1 List as we continue developing Zwift.

(nawar otaibi) #3

Thank you abdulmajeed @jason zwift have south Korea flag !!!
When we will have our flag

(James Kalu) #4

Hi am also having the same flag issue. I get jealous and depressed anytime I see everyone ride with their country flags proudly displayed with their names. I am a Nigerian. Zwift should please give me something to brag about too

(Faisal Sh) #5

Hi Jason,

It has been one year and we (Saudi Zwifters) unfortunately can’t share our flag with other nations while riding. We see other small countries flags (with all respects to all nations) but still dont see ours and wondering if our country is not known for the world. So, let me remind you somethings, largest country on producing oils. We have Makkah City which is the holiest place for Muslims on the world, like Vatican for Christians.  People think that we are live in tens in the desert but we dont. We lost 8/0 against Germany World Cup 2014, also lost 5/0 on the begging match on World Cup 2018 :slight_smile:

BTW, as an IT expert, adding more flags won’t create a big problem. and one year is more than enough to come up with a good solution. 

I wish you can consider our request and make your costumers happier as you always do.



(Abdulmajeed Alshehab) #6

i get jealous too. We need our flag to be shown.