Fixed: Zwift crashing on End Ride or Exit when in German language

(Vincent) #1

Hey Zwifters,

Update #1
A fix for this issue is now live. Please report here if you’re still experiencing the same kind of crash.

There have been several reports of crashing on Mac/PC when the user’s Zwift application is in the German language and they End Ride or Exit. This should be fixed in a patch coming very soon. Thank you all for your patience!

Current workaround: Try switching language to English to see if the crashing subsides.

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(Michael Sternberg (ZRG)) #2

How can the language switch into english in zwift ?

(Vincent) #3

Here’s a link on how to do just that :slight_smile::

(Matthias) #4

Thanks for giving a status update, @Vincent! What maybe most riders are concerned about is if the efforts will be reflected in profile stats, XP and Wahoo climb mission. Can you please give us an update here as well?

As long as the workouts are seen in the Zwift account (under profile activities) it should be possible, right?

(Vincent) #5

Unfortunately we can’t recover that data :confused: This issue should be patched now with a quick update that was sent.

(Matthias) #6

Puh! Not cool but thanks for providing a quick fix and for giving a feedback, @Vincent.

Just as a feedback from my side, calculating the overall stats/missions from the logged activities is a no brainer. It helps to improve the overall customer experience and would give the development and support team more time/less pressure to resolve the issue.

(Vincent) #7

Thanks for the feedback! The problem with crashes is that it interrupts your save so the game never gets that chance to record progress. :frowning: It definitely is frustrating!

(Matthias) #8

I don’t understand this. The activity is stored in my profile on Zwift and I see it in the companion app. But the overall stats and missions are not updated.

For me it looks like that the app is updating stats and mission at the end of the ride. My suggestion was that the overall stats and missions are calculated from the profile and are read from the app (on login). The profile always shows the current activity. If a crash happens then the profile shows the activity until the crash and the overall calculated stats/missions would also match. Happy days!

(Andreas Loibingdorfer #B Box) #9

Maybe let us adjust the Autosave Intervall? So Upload the Activity every MInute?
Also maybe let Zwift combine or Upload the Lost Activity to Strava at next Startup?

(Nathan Wamba) #10

I’m french user and I changed to English but there is still the same problem: crashing when trying to upload activities

I tried on a Mac too and there is still the same crashing experience

(Kasper Jensen) #11

Unfortunately both, English and German, are crashing by save/exit after a ride… I have tried on two different PC, but same results, only iPhone and iPad is working = saving. Hope the problem will be solve soon?

Zwift crashes while saving (Release: Dec 3, 2018)
(Pierre Yves Lacroix) #12

On PC, when I click “end ride”, I can save my activity and upload it to the server, then the application closes. If I want to start a second ride, then I need to open it again. Is this the “crashing” behavior listed in this thread ?

Upon finishing a ride, I would expect the app to return to the home page where you can start a new workout or join en event…

(Ben Fricker) #13

This is not a crash, this is completely normal, unfortunately.

(Vincent) #14

Hey Kasper if you’re still having trouble can you send us a support conversation here?

(Pierre Yves Lacroix) #15

Wow. I would expect a “close” button or something like that…

(Ben Fricker) #16

You chose a ride, you ride it. The you end the ride, Zwift saves it, uploads it to Strava and then exit the Programm. If you want to ride another route, you have to restart Zwift.

If you want a close button, make a Thread in the Feature Request Forum :wink:

(Danny) #17

Not just happening in German language. I am always in English and had this happen several times. Latest was yesterday. It did not upload to Strava but I can see the ride on the companion app and last few miles are missing.

(Vincent) #18

Hey Danny, did your ride save to your dashboard? Or did you crash before you got a chance to save?

(Jonathan) #19

Unfortantely, I also encountered today Zwift crashing after completing the Tour de Zwift Stage 8 (A) and trying to save the activity. :frowning:

This is the first time Zwift has crashed. So I suppose, it has something to do with the new update and the “switching guest world” feature.

The following steps lead to the crash:

  1. Starting Zwift and choosing Watopia world to warm up and calibrate Wahoo Kickr Snap before the event.
  2. After a little bit more than 10 minutes I execute the inbuild calibration process of Zwift for my smart trainer. Thereafter I switch to the event (London world) waiting for it to begin.
  3. After succesful completion of the event I ride for about 10 minutes more in London to cool down. At the end I take a picture of the Tower Bridge with the Companion App (Android).
  4. Pressing Menu and the End Ride button, the Ride Report screen freezes and the loading tab on the cursor is visible. I can do nothing. After a while a message pops up, that the Zwift.exe has stopped working.

System: Win 7 Professional + Service Pack 1, i7 2600K, GTX 1050 Ti, 8 GB DDR3 Ram, Zwift uses the German language preset

So I couldn’t save the ride properly and it didn’t get uploaded to Strava. Also I lost all accomplishments during the ride, e.g. burnt calories challenge, no checkmark for completion of TdZ Stage 8. The companion app shows the ride, but it can’t properly load the activity details of it. It also is missing the last 2 minutes and about 1.5 kilometers of the actual ride.

(S de Klerk) #20

The crashing behaviour, seems to be a “feature…”.