FIXED: Wattbike Atom gearing issues

Update (August 2, 2019): We recently fixed this issue in our latest update HERE.

We have reports that some Wattbike Atom bikes may be getting stuck in 4th gear while using Zwift.

Wattbike let us know there may be a display error showing it stuck in 4th gear, but it should function properly while Zwifting. We have been unable to reproduce this at HQ and are currently receiving a Wattbike for further testing. We’re also unsure if this is a Zwift or Wattbike error until we can reproduce the error.

If your bike display stays in 4th gear regardless of using Zwift, please reach out to Wattbike directly.

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Please try the following:

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Updated my Wattbike Atom firmware this morning (v1.02.00 Atlas) but it’s not resolved the gear indication box dropping down indication gear4. I still had to reboot my bike before the ride to clear that fault.

Spent a weekend with the updated firmware and the Wattbike.

As reported above the not so good news is that this does not fix the 4th gear indicator stick issue. That would appear to indicate that its a Zwift issue - and as they now apparently have an Atom hopefully this will resolve the issue. The turn-off / turn-on reboot trick does however clear the issue and while slightly painful is in the context of the next bit - ok.

More importantly does the firmware deal with the other issues that were causing the Atom to be a less than delightful experience on Zwift.

  • Gear Reset - the reset of gears to 1 when you stop pedalling or have a cadence or watt change is now much more predictable and did not spin out; the gear still automatically drops but the timing is better and the as you get going again things are smoother as it tracks back up to the right gear

  • Gear Changes - these are much crisper and while you are not going to get any satisfying clunk’a’chunk you can grab a couple of gears or drop a couple when you get caught out on a hill and its a much more coherent experience.

  • Shifter Connections - these seem much improved and had zero drop outs on rides - knowing stuff is going to happen when you click the slightly ineffectual button is helpful (!)

  • Ride smoothness - the feels is distinctly better and while there is a lot of whirring and clicking the drive is much more predictable and getting some power on is much less lottery-like with pedal slip.

  • Stand-up - this is better but still a way off right - standing up in anything other than a fairly high gear requires some good pedalling discipline to avoid slippage and catch-up clunk; coming out fo the saddle has to be done with care rather than just a stand-up mash

Overall, Wattbike may have just about rescued the Atom from ignominy and as they refine the firmware further (and someone fixes the Zwift issue) this will presumably get better and better. No longer regretting the purchase but not quite a believer yet - although the Erg functionality is really good and the amount of analytic data way in excess of anything that will make me a better rider - the delightful frustration of the peanut and PES score will continue to haunt me for a while as I search for my perfect pedal stroke.

My Atom has been worse since the update. Gear issue still persist whilst being stuck on screen in 4th. I’ve come to live with that although annoying at times as it’s only visual. A new bug I can’t live with however is my power and cadence will just drop by 50% for a second and then come back again. This happen quite often whilst I know I do not have a change in cadence or power. This makes it very difficult to balance and exact power level to correlate to a training session. I found the beta firmware (v6) to be more stable than this latest “stable” release.

I have some good news and some bad news.

Good News - our dev team was able to fix the issue.

Bad News - the fix won’t take effect until our next update.

As of right now, we do not currently have an ETA when the next update is released.

Is there any update on the time line for this being released ? To be fair, other then the gear issue where I have to knock the power off and on again after starting a ride the Wattbike Atom is working really well with Zwift.

We’re hoping to get this out tonight or tomorrow morning.

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Thanks Mike, I’ve updated and everything is working fine! Glad because the random gear changes had made Zwift impossible to use On an atom! Back online and happy now - ride on!


can confirm this is working a treat now, thanks :slight_smile: