FIXED: Trainer Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)

(Jason) #163

In the last few rides (twice on Alpe and once on Innsbruck) my trainer has suddenly lost resistance and my watts/kg has exploded from 2.x to something like 23.x. Anyone had this happen to them? I’m on a '14 Kickr and it’s happened on Apple TV, both 4th gen and 4K.

Around the same time, I began experiencing consistent dropped BT signals on the 4K, but not 4th gen. Not sure if that is related.

(salminho) #164

In my case, cadence comes from the Neo, as does power and speed.

(Fernando) #165

Indeed problems started with some release after June 2018. I was happily using Zwift with my iPad and my Elite Direto until June or July when I stopped using the trainer and took a break. When I came back in September the issues started and remain the same until today.
Since my trainer is unusable with Zwift and my iPad at the moment I’m considering cancelling my subscription until they manage to fix the issues, because is a waste of money and time.

(Darren) #166

Tacx Flow smart
Apple TV

Same issues here. It’s getting increasingly unusable. So frustrating when you’re in the middle of a training session and suddenly the power disappears or the cadence goes to zero!

Time to look at alternatives to Zwift?

(Tyler) #167

Continuing the discussion from FIXED: Trainer Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices):

It’ss till is not fixed. The support team just says to reset it multiple times or it must be an apple problem. It’s not, it’s a Zwift problem.

Im currently at 114 watts and 141 bpm in zwift. Garmin has my heart rate at 170 ish and pedals at 280

Let me know what alternatives you find

(Lin) #168

Are you sure you have updated to the latest release?

Auto-update is not immediate. Manually go into the App store and make sure that the Zwift app has been updated: version 1.0.35413 - 4/26/2019

You might also want to double check that your tvOS is updated as well: 12.2.1

(Tyler) #169

In addition to what Zwift support has recommended below, I’ve also hard reset apple TV and uninstalled the app multiple times. Moral of the story, the release was not ready but decided to deploy it anyway.

If that does not work, please give this a try:

  • Log in to the Zwift app on your Apple TV.
  • Unpair all sensors that connect. Then close Zwift.
  • Reinstall Zwift on your Apple TV through the app store on your ATV.
  • Pair your devices and calibrate your trainer.
  • Go for a test ride.
(Lin) #170

Normally, for the last couple months, I have been using my MacBook w/out issue. I just tested my iPhone in workout/ERG mode for about 10min. Everything worked as it should.

I am not able to completely test w/my AppleTV. Bike is in a different part of the house. However, I did pair my HR monitor for comparison against my Garmin. I watched that for about 5min. All good.

Noticed you said your HR was 170bpm via Garmin and 141bpm in Zwift. If so, I would not be so quick to blame Zwift. You should double check your device pairings. I used my AppleTV for over a year w/a Tacx Neo. HR has never been an issue. I have had a loss of resistance, but only a couple of times. H3ll, it could have been signal interference for all I know. If I get a chance later, I will move the bike and test ride w/my AppleTV.

Again, double check your device pairings.