FIXED: Trainer Resistance Issues (Mainly on iOS Devices)

Ok I also have a kickr core connection via Bluetooth. I am doing a workout via training peaks and last night I kept getting power drop outs and not holding enough power. It’s either too hard or too easy. I have nothing else connected via Bluetooth and have the latest firmware update.

Further troubleshooting. If I connect the Kickr snap via Bluetooth it all loads up fine. If I leave it idle for approximately two minutes, the controllable section seems to drop out. If I go into the menu and check the pairing, it shows everything connected as you would expect but resistance wont change.

If I then quit the ride back to the start screen and log in, all Bluetooth devices connect up apart from the controllable trainer section

If I kill off Zwift and reload it again, then it pairs up fine, until being left idle for 2 minutes.

This is the same that was happening to me also ,it also happened straight away if I clicked let’s go , since changing my cadence sensor from the Giant ridesense sensor that’s fitted to my bike to a Halfords own brand cadence unit I have had no problems, to find out if you have a conflict with Bluetooth connect just the power source and controllable up and leave the heat rate and cadence sensor off and see if you get the same problem

Interesting. Must be due to some compatibility with Bluetooth speed / cadence sensors if that’s the case.
Does Zwift use a speed signal from a speed / cadence sensor?

I actually have a cheap Bluetooth only cadence sensor so I’ll give that a go.

Hi Terry

  • Your exact trainer (including the year if applicable): Wahoo Kickr 17
  • The device you’re using to run Zwift iPad Pro
  • BLE or ANT+ connection? BLE
  • Zwift Game version latest iPad version
  • Trainer Firmware: latest
  • Sim or ERG mode: Both
    I have an CooSpo BT HR strap.

Sim mode: in (PACK) group rides I’ve noticed it most in that at the start of a ride, the resistance seems to change OK, but sometime after that it seems to become a fixed resistance.
ERG mode: The start of the workout is OK, but after the warm-up and a couple of intervals, ERG mode sticks on at a fixed power level. So 20 mins into my workout last night, I had done 10 mins 120-132W ramp warm up, a 4 min Z2 interval, a 3 min Z3 interval, 6 mins recovery (iirc) at 126W, then per the workout Zwift was telling me to push 385W for 15sec, but the resistance was still whatever was my last resistance during recovery at 130W. Result - I spin out and can still only get 130W. I can point you to the strava workout if that’s any use.
I noticed the HR dropped out occasionally during the workout; not sure if that is related. There’s nothing else BT in the area; maybe I’ll try a workout w/o the HR strap and see whether that affects it.
Noticed that at around the same time my HRM dropped out, the blue LED on the Kicker stopped its regular flashing and became steady. After this, the resistance level was constant during the workout. As soon as I killed Zwift entirely, the LED started flashing normally again. Starting Zwift up, all was good. Whether Zwift caused my HRM to stop, which in turn messed up Zwift’s BLE to the trainer, I don’t know; maybe the other way round, but some disturbance in the bluetooth seemed to lock up Zwift’s bluetooth. I am able to successfully complete a workout now provided I do not use my HRM.

Please fix it :slight_smile: as it is killing my Zwift training at the moment as you can imagine. Pls shout if there are some debugs I can gather from my kit.

I should add that this problem has only started happening recently - a similar ERG mode workout on 3rd Sept was perfect (if tiring :)), and until then I have had no problems with this kit.

I have the self same problem as Terry. Everything pairs up via Bluetooth without problem but if I leave the set up idle for a short period and then start a ride, the resistance is fixed and doesn’t change with the terrain. My fix is to jump off the bike, unplug the trainer for 15 seconds, plug it in again, wait for the solid blue light on the trainer and start riding. Resistance is also fixed if I attempt a group ride.

My kit is as follows:
Apple 4KTV (Zwift version 1.0.30490 and 6ft distant from the trainer)
Cyclops Hammer (latest firmware and calibrated via Rouvy)
Wahoo cadence sensor
ZML on Android
(Fan off until ride started)

I mostly do group rides. I also suspect that the act of logging in, connecting to my Neo, and then waiting for the ride to start (often 10+ minutes) is something that triggers this issue.

I’m pleased that Zwift is finally taking this issue seriously. I reported it in mid August (ticket #144289), having started experiencing it in early July, and running my own tests and gathering info on frequency of occurrence and reproduction to report it to Zwift to allow them to investigate.

4+ months of basic Bluetooth functionality being broken is not good.

I think Chris is on something here. Anyone having issues, do you have a Bluetooth speed / cadence sensor providing the rpm, or a cadence sensor only?

In my case, cadence comes from the Neo, as does power and speed.

I did some testing today and paired up a Bluetooth cadence only sensor. Paired it up and left it sitting there for more than two minutes and it stayed connected.

Apple have released an update to the iOS 12 to address Bluetooth problem and other problems

Hope it now works ok Terry

Running Ios 12.01 with the Wahoo cadence / speed sensor, it still dropped out.
Running a cadence only sensor it seem to hold the connection fine

@Chris_Lenthall the iOS 12.0.1 Bluetooth fix you refer to is a fix for an iOS 12.0.0 issue where Bluetooth cannot be enabled at all on some devices after upgrading to iOS 12.

So it won’t fix this Zwift issue.

Spoke too soon. Connected up to my Bluetooth cadence only sensor, it dropped out again after being left idle.
Ive still got the battery in my Wahoo speed / cadence sensor so might need to disconnect that to ensure there is no interference.

Trainer - Wahoo Kickr Core
Device running Zwift - IOS Iphone 7
Connection - BLE
Zwift Game version - Latest
Mode - erg
Yesterday going up the Alpe the resistance on my turbo got stuck at a high level, and stayed there even after I got to the top. I have earlier had issues with the Wahoo climb losing connection. I thought maybe using Airpods was one too many connections but turning them off doesn’t seem to have helped.

Same issue for me. I have a 2017 Tacx Neo, running Zwift on an AppleTV 4K latest Game version, latest iOS and latest NEO firmware, all over BLE as this is all the TV supports. I’m finding that any race I do has no resistance/gradient changes, yet if I free ride it works as expected, in race I can stay in 52/14 and speed up the escalator yet in free ride I need to be in 36/28 and standing. This is very annoying and has been happening for a few moths now. J

Hi Vincent. My issue is that Zwift periodically drops the connection with my Elite Direto trainer and then the ability to control resistance in SIM mode disappears. I also have an Tacx Neo trainer at another home but have not been able to test it yet.

My details:

  • Your exact trainer (including the year if applicable): Elite Direto 2018
  • The device you’re using to run Zwift: Apple TV (most recent OS update)
  • BLE or ANT+ connection: BLE
  • Zwift Game version: most recent version for Apple TV
  • Trainer Firmware: most recent
  • Sim or ERG mode: Sim

Hey @Vincent, is there any update from Zwift HQ on this issue yet? It continues to be a critical issue for me and lots of other Zwifters.