FIXED: Drop Shop: Purchased items missing in garage / Drops charged more than purchase amount

(Josie) #1

Update #3
These issues are now resolved.

Update #2
There have been reports of users purchasing items more than once. This was due to a low frame rate and clicking the Confirm button more than once. User will notice that their drops have been charged multiple times. If you are experiencing this issue, please send a support inquiry. Thank you!

Update #1
If you are concerned that you network is not solid and you exit save may be interrupted, please hold off on redeeming Drops until the patch to address this issue has been released. Thank you!

Hey Zwifters,

We have seen reports of purchased items not showing up in my garage. Our team is aware of the issue, and investigating.

If you have experienced this issue, please send in a support inquiry with game logs.

We will edit this post with any updates as we get them.

Thank you for your patience!

Drop shot , i buy canyon tt and super9 kit and I do not see them to use
Zwift Game Release: The Drop Shop
(Jim) #2

Is this a widespread issue? Should I avoid buying anything until the next update?

(Vincent) #3

Hey @Jim_Mattson yes this issue is game wide. We’re investigating the exact cause and I’ve updated the original post with some new information :slight_smile:

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(Rafael) #4

I made the purchase with the drops.
I do not see to use it.
But if I discount the drops.
He will not let me buy again.
Could you check it?

From iphone with the latest update

(Karl) #5

Got the same issue and sent a ticket.

(Francesco Firpo ( ITA )) #6

Me too , same issue just send ticket.

(Mark) #7

Me too. My new Canyon frame cost me 460000 points and isn’t in my garage?
Who/ where do I need to message?

Dropshop issues
(Rob) #8

Me to will we get anything back drops or purchases I hope my 3 year for riding was not for nothing :cry:

(Aaron) #9

I’m curious whether equipping items as they are purchased makes a difference? I’ve only made one purchase, but I equipped it when I made the purchase and it’s now available to me across platforms .

(Mohamed) #10

Me too (canyon ultimate and Enve 3.4) on MacOs

(Chris) #11

Same thing happened to me 1.4m drops down the drain :frowning:

Seems strange to be up in arms about losing something I didn’t even have a few days ago but the pitchforks are out!

(Gerald) #12

I lost about 1.2million drops for 2 purchases

(Rafael) #13

Ok canyon and zipp

No tcr giant in my garage
Please add this bike a my garage

(Cris) #14

Any updates?
I am still missing my caad12 even after contacting support 12 days ago.
They promised it will be getting fixed within one week.


Got the frame, thank you.

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