FIXED: After logging into Android version 1.0.34055, Drops reset to 0

(Josie) #1

UPDATE (4/8/2019): Issue has been resolved on latest Android game update (version 1.0.34056). If this issue has affected you, please open a support inquiry.

Hey Zwifters,

We’ve confirmed an issue with Drops resetting to 0 after logging in with the latest version of Android beta (1.0.34055). If you have experienced this issue, please open a support inquiry.

We also advise to avoid using Zwift on Android until a fix has been implemented.

Thank you for your patience!

(Martin Gillespie (PACK)) #2

This happened to me yesterday, I lost 3.15 million drops, broke my heart. I’m glad the root cause has been found. Thanks Zwift. Will not log on to Zwift Android again until this is fixed.

(.) #3

I’ve noticed this issue 5min ago but, it’s also happening when I login in my computer. I started Zwift Fondo whit 0 drops, finished it whit 51,000+ closed the app, opened it again and found out I was back to 0 once again!

(Martin Gillespie (PACK)) #4

I noticed the same. Once your drops reset to zero on Android, this also reflects on your PC and the Companion app. Looks like your drop total stored on the back end is set to zero. The only way to get them back is if the Zwift Support team add them back again. So raise a ticket and let them know what has happened.

(Steve Baker) #5

I would like to advise that Zwift should primarily be a training tool, not a drop collection tool.

(Harry V.) #6

Yep me too, lost about 500.000 drops… back to 0 :frowning:
I ve send you guys a support inquiry. Finger crossed.

I was drooling on a new frame and new wheels.

(Danny) #7

Obviously its used for training, collecting drops just adds an element of fun of a different variety!

(Steve Baker) #8

My comment is aimed at Zwift, Rather than what they are effectively saying to Android users is " Please stop using our game till we fix the issue" they should be saying " Please continue your training whilst we fix the issue and recompensate your losses"

Some of the gamification is fun and motivating, I get that, but feel that recent updates have Zwift moving more towards a game and less towards a training platform.

(Henk) #9

Looking at the mails I received, “However, please rest assured that you will receive them”, I guess there were quite a few people rather unhappy with losing their free Drops? There are other bugs that I’d think are more serious to me - such as joining Tour of Watopia stage 1 last week… in the wrong world… :laughing:

Anyway, well done on fixing it so quickly! So… how about landscape mode in the companion app? :+1: :wink:

(Ian) #10

i recently joined this platform to do the training! i agree with you steve and i hope it remains an effective training tool. when it is still snowing outside and am getting fatter by the minute i need something to grab my attention and give me a little motivation. the drops do add a small incentive, i want my r5 and wheels under me ingame :slight_smile: i have lost my drops several times now before i logged into the forum. oh well.

(Lauren) #11

We corrected the issue with our Android update we did on April 8th, version 1.0.34056. Please go to the Google Play Store​ and make sure Zwift is up to date before logging into Zwift on Android.

Please submit a support ticket letting us know about the drop loss, and also give us permission to obtain the account to add the drops. The process can take some time due to high demand, and we’re processing these as soon as we can.


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(Kevin) #12

I have reported a significant amount of drops (points) lost due to a known problem with the zwift android app. It has been over a week & received no update regarding reinstatement. Please advise with an expectation when I will see my drops restored.

Thank you,
Kevin Barker.