Fix Broken "NOT YET" in Meetup

I host a Meetup every Tuesday and Thursday. While warming up, the game will produce a dialog box that says “JOIN MEETUP NOT YET”…

Common sense would lead you to believe that if you select “Not Yet” that you will get some other opportunity to join the Meetup… meaning maybe you don’t want to sit at the start for 5 minutes, you might want to keep warming up on whatever route you were on.

However, if you select “NOT YET”… you will NOT be given another opportunity to join the Meetup, and it will not automatically take you there. Currently, “Not Yet” means “NO I’M NOT GOING AT ALL, TAKE ME OF THE RIDE”.

This is broken and should be fixed.

Also, I don’t think you can late join a meetup, please make this available too!


That also sucks…

BTDT too. :frowning: Why can’t they have 3 buttons Join, Not Yet, Leave?

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That sounds even better!!!

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