Fitness metrics on "My Feed" missing after update [March 2023]

I don’t think the software update is being referenced, rather that since the planned maintenance occurred this data is missing @shooj

12:30 UTC? Are the flux capacitors working?

same for me and looks like personal best power numbers reset in zwift

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yep seen that as well, looks like the maintenance broke a whole load of things that were working fine before

I’m getting that as well. Also the last activity of mine that loads on the website is from a month ago, no recent rides shown (but they do show in the companion app).

I’m glad for the reset, There were numbers I’ve never achieved on there.
I know sometimes there was a bug in ‘join zwifter’ that would give you a high wattage credit.
Thanks Zwift.

Might not be a reset though. Looking at races with category enforcement I’m still prevented from joining lower category starts so the data might still be there.

Same problem here.

Mentioned as well in another closed thread, is probably related but different issue that metrics are missing not only in the dotcom feed, but in game as well… screenshot borrowed from the other thread:

@shooj - has the fault been picked up and recognised by Support yet?

@Wannie It just seems in a bug in their Identity Server or whatever. If you watch your profile in a browser. You can see the server respond with a 401 (dev tools F12 in most browsers), which means unauthorized. I believe the data is not gone, we cannot simply access it. Patience for this one :slight_smile:

Thanks all for flagging this up. We’re on it.


For some reason, every ride my all tme powercurve is set back to 0. I hope I get my old values back soon.

Hi after tonights ride my now and best watts table has reset to zero is there anyway of getting these back .

Fitness metrics on are working for me now

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Had the same after doing ToW this evening. After I closed and restarted Zwift my power curve and previous max power numbers were back to normal. I hope they stay that way.

UPDATE: We’ve solved this on our server, and fitness metrics should be appearing for everyone now. Thanks for verifying @Paul_Southworth.


confirm its sorted on web, look forward to checking on ride tomorrow

Me too.

I had a power meter send double values to Zwift which screwed all my “personal best” data over. And now i cannot clear them…

I would like a button to “Reset Personal Best” at anytime I want. It would be preferred say at the beginning of a new season, or after sickness.

you can see ZI or Shane Miller on YT on how to clear that file.
EDIT: It looks like that option no longer functions.