Fitbit Aria 2 weight Scale and Withings scale not syncing

How is this coming, Shuji?!? It’s been a very long three months since you acknowledged this is a known issue and have chosen to NOT fix it. There have been a number of updates, but none seemed to have fixed this issue. Indoor race season is heating up and this should not be an item on my pre-race prep, especially at 5am.

You’ve got to be tracking this bug somehow, and i can’t imagine it isn’t on a sprint board someplace. When can this get taken care of?!?! Quit kicking this issue down the road.


ZWIFT folsk, is it rally so rocket-science fix to be applied? Almost half a year…guys c’mon.

Agree, maybe it’s not top priority, but from other side, once You did an update, You broke something, so despite of introducing new sexy features, would be nice to look back at those ones, that are not working properly now. Hope, You will manage to fix it soon (i.e. not after another 6 months or so).


Please fix this…

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Still waiting

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C’mon Zwift this used to work! Please fix this. We’ve been waiting for a while now!!!

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Time to fix this, now. :pleading_face: Please

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@Shuji_Sakai is this in the known issues? It’s a few months old now and I’m sure a number of us have raised support tickets. I would imagine it’s a pretty easy one to fix too (seeing a it worked perfectly fine before).

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That’s Zwift’s feedback on my ticket this week:

When it comes to weight not updating, this is a bug we know and are working to fix. However, I cannot give you a date when the problem will be fixed. For now, the only option is to reconnect or manually update the weight in-game.


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Can’t believe, that this is so difficult. Please fix this. Thx

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Another update and no sign of a fix. Any chance we can get an ETA as I can’t believe that they are working on it otherwise it would of been fixed 5 months ago.

It was working pre-may you made changes in May which must be documented…how hard can it be to sync some weight figures :confused:


The official statement :point_up_2: was quite clear: they are not working on it.

The official statement somebody else got from support looked pretty clear to me. see a couple posts up. “this is a bug we know and are working to fix”

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Maybe we will get a solution by Christmas? It would be so nice to use my scale what I bought it for.

Same here. Bought Withings scale but after one update no syncing. Hope there is a fix soon.

I love my withings body +. So bummed that this still isn’t working. Disconnecting and reconnecting once a week (or the morning of every race) isn’t a workable long term solution.

Just bought a withings body+ and disappointed this is a feature that has a bug which means it doesn’t work.

Small things but given a billion dollar valuation small things matter and would be great to see a timeline for this functionality to be restored.