Fitbit Aria 2 weight Scale and Withings scale not syncing

Look at it from the positive side. You no longer have to wait for a low gravity day for weighing yourself :grinning:. But yes. I bought my whitings to auto set my weight. Really looked forward to the morning weigh ins. More on those low gravity days, but still.

+1 please. This has been broken for months now…please fix. Its the only reason I bought my Withings scale

Another +1 here. This should really be an easy one to fix.

Another Vote from me. If you break it, mend it!

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Yep, I want this fixed too. It’s the main reason I bought my Withings scale.

At the time I bought it, I didn’t even realise it didn’t work. I checked once after connecting the first time and things looked great, so I haven’t even bothered to check. But now I see it’s clearly not working, going by my ZwiftPower profile.

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Same issue here. We are too hard on zwift, we should give them more time and not pressure them. Only 120 days have passed since the sync failure:p

+1 for a fix for this. Withings scales working perfectly apart from the link to Zwift it would seem!

Fix please

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Withings scale used to work and now it doesn’t.

Please fix, thanks
- unloyal customer.

I’m struggling to believe the last patch list included moving rim brakes to the hub, but this feature can’t be fixed? A lot of us being very accurate and honest with our weights, just by standing on the scales, but it’s not transferred over?!

Fix please!

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Fix please

If I have a set of scales that I bought specifically for the weight sync, and I have my account set up correctly within Zwift… then it’s not my fault if I set my weight at 60kg on the assumption that the system will keep it up to date, is it? :smiley:

(I’m only actually running about 2kg light at the moment, so not a big deal.)

Me too. Please fix the problem soon. Thank you!

I would also like this to be fixed. I bought a withings scale because of this sync!!

Thank you!

Please fix this problem soon. Fitbit and withings does not work. it’s best to add the weight to the garmin connection. :+1: