Fitbit Aria 2 weight Scale and Withings scale not syncing

Did you try to un link and re link the scale?


I noticed the same thing on the Withings smart scale.

Sorry for the belated response. In my original post, I used the less sophisticated phrasing of “turn off” and “turn on” to indicate that I did unlink and relink the zwift-Fitbit connection several times. Each time I do this process, the sync works once right away but then does not work again.

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My Withings scales also no longer updating to Zwift for about a week while it continues to update other apps such as TrainingPeaks. I’ve logged a ticket.


I got the same issue with sync Withings to Zwift and today Zwift support told me to disconnect all other connected apps to Withings. I’ll check that tomorrow and let you know if it works.

@Michael_Witzel did yours work.

No, doesn’t work with just one connection :expressionless:


Mine only update once if I disconnect and reconnect but not the next day.

maybe @shooj has more info.


Yes, same here. I have two support tickets open. One at Zwift the other at Withings and it’s the usual ping pong game.

Mr. Delport - I find it interesting that both Withings and Aria work only once after a disconnect and reconnect (previously known as unlink and relink). This leads one to hypothesize it’s a software issue on the Zwift side.

That is my thinking as well. It is probably something that changed in the recent update.

All - we’re looking into it. Thanks for continuing to raise the flag on this one.


Shuji! Thanks much for the response. We all hope it’s an easy one to fix. Cheers.

Thanks for the update and looking forward to the fix when you have it.

+1 on this problem also. My weight is not getting sent via the Withings connection in the zwift companion app. Have tried to remove and then reconnect but it doesn’t seem to have made any difference

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+1 for this. Also experiencing this issue.

+1 for me too

I’ve having the same issue with my Withings “smart” scale. It’s a pitty now I’m losing weight, that I can’t see automated to Zwift.

Any chances to be solved soon?

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It’s still on our to-do list.


+1 same issue

Syncing between Withings scale and Zwift is KO since a few weeks.
Works only once when you establish the connection between Zwift and Withings.
Can someone from Zwift deal with this issue and tell when it’s gonna be fixed ?