FIT files

My real world club records all of their rides with FIT files that we download to our computers. Is it possible to upload these files into Zwift?

No, not possible.

Most people use 3rd parties such as Strava, Garmin, Intervals and others to centralise their data which also have a bunch of good tools for anlaysis. Zwift is very limited with it’s ability to gather insights.

Why would you want to upload your real life FIT files into Zwift?

I’m not a programmer. I’m a rider that was wondering if FIT file information was sufficient enough to design a ride in Zwift. My club supplies our weekly rides in FIT download format. Riders are able to upload the map and elevation information to their bike computers before the ride. If Zwift was able to host their club rides virtually, members could meet up in Zwift during inclement weather or whenever they choose. Just a thought.

Zwift can’t do that, but Wahoo RGT magic roads is what you are looking for.

However, if your club wants to host rides virtually, Zwift is certainly a better place for that. Why not just use Zwift routes and host club rides?

I will suggest that we try Zwift. Some members thought it would be an opportunity for new riders to learn the routes before going on the rides.