Fit Files from Activity Feed no longer have date filename [SOLVED]

Starting around 7/1 Fit Files downloaded manually from ones www dot zwift dot com/feed no longer have a YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-*.fit style filename ex:

They now just give you a filename of a hash like 479ca1bd-841778387607427761

So one can rename it, usually at least a .fit needs to be added. So not really a big deal but it’s annoying and I assume some type of unintended bug.

Please take a look thanks

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I want to copy and load files in Azure SQL DB from 3 CSV files. But in your case you have the date part in your file name, so to use GetMetadata to get the filename and pass to a ForEach activity. Copy Activity in Azure data factory do not copy multi line text in sql table maintaining the line breaks.

Hi @LeeroyJenkins and @Geneva_Lopez

Thanks for flagging this up. We have a fix for it later this week - would you loop back and let us know next week if it’s resolved / not?

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Great! will do, thanks!

Had the same issue. Looks fixed now, thanks.

just fyi this seems to be fixed now, thanks

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@LeeroyJenkins and @Adrian_Shalley
Thank you for coming back to close the loop. We like to hear when problems have been resolved.

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