First timer Advice? :)

Got my usb cable and ant+ dongle. Hooked it up today. Zwift sees the ant+ dongle. Shows something to connect to for the first time. Powermeter or FE-C. Everything says ‘no signal’…

Pick fe-c for power and controllable

Dongle is between the two stabilizer legs of the kickr core and I just keep getting the message that the connection is lost and my guy just stops the back and stays there.

Okay! First ride worked. Found a new spot for the dongle to get it a little close to the kickr core and made the initial first timer ride. Now I see why a fan is recommended too. Don’t have one, but never sweat like that outdoors. Fun!


Very happy to see this news, Matt. The worst is out of the way.

Enjoy getting to know Zwift and definitely get a good, powerful fan when you can. (You can probably find lots of discussion of recommended models here in the Forums.) If you can find one that on which intensity can be adjusted from your position on the bike/trainer (i.e., with a remote), all the better.