First ride, Wahoo KICKR, how are people controlling it?

(David Pearson [RCC] KISS (B)) #1

I’ve just completed my first ride on SWIFT, set up was about as easy as it gets, I had no issues at all installing or connecting devices. I’ve used a few different types of trainer software and this is on par with trainer road for ease of use; the less said about Tacx trainer software the better

I was running the KICKR through the Wahoo utility on my ipad to set the resistance level which worked pretty well. hopefully when Wahoo release their new firmware and apps that allow for the KICKR to track an external power meter my set up will tie in even better.

I had no issues in my first session, just got on and rode for an hour with a few efforts up the climb which is fine for me at the moment as I’m nursing a fractured scapula, I can foresee that when I’m fully fit I’ll be chasing KOM and sprint points especially if it’s against people I know. It’ll be interesting to see how the plan for more structured workouts pans out; I’m a big fan of Trainer Road and don’t yet see SWIFT filing that position for me, but for replacing an outdoor Tempo ride when the weather is awful (not uncommon here in the UK) it may become my go to software.

(lilmira koyotes) #2

I just let Zwift to control my Kickr in sim mode usually. I had a long session today, well not long for some people, when I came back after a break, the Kickr went to erg mode. Grabbed my phone and switched the Kickr back to sim mode, worked like a charm, no more exiting the Zwift and splitting up my session.

(Shawn DeBoer) #3

How do you interact with your kickr? Things like switching to sim mode… Does it come with a custom head unit? Or is it done via software via laptop or mobile device?

(lilmira koyotes) #4

I use Wahoo Fitness for IOS on my Iphone. I thought I saw someone mentioned about using Wahoo Fitness to set the unit back to sim mode after connection drop out so I gave it a try and it worked. Otherwise it would have sucked to do my remaining 50km on erg mode, no offense to dumb trainer users. It’s just not the same and it drove my heart rate higher than I’d like to be at.

(Thomas Orth ZMR M40) #5

Agreed with the structured workouts. A partnership with TrainerRoad would be interesting. A VR indoor riding experience with interval training would be perfect.

(anon18154799) #6

I don’t open any of the Wahoo apps for it. I just connect to Zwift and let it control the resistance, no need for additional input.

(Jürgen Waldick ZRG) #7

I too just sign in to Zwift and let the program control the KICKR. Once in a while I get a drop-out, but not very often. When a drop-out does occur it picks up fine after a few seconds. I will say that while the uphill portions are fairly realistic in terms of effort and resistance, the downhill portions are not. When going downhill, the speed seems to be all over the place in terms of effort.

(D J. Skinnyphat (MRC)) #8

How do you put the Kickr in Sim mode? I’ve been using the Kickr on Zwift but the resistance doesn’t change with the terain, it just tracks the power.

(lilmira koyotes) #9

That’s odd, your Kickr should be in sim mode automatically when you launch Zwift. I only use Wahoo Fitness to switch it back when my Kickr went to erg mode after signal drop out.