First Ride on Zwift . . .Are my results skewed?

Been a Trainerroad biker for the last 6 months . .thinking of moving to Zwift.  Did a 22 mile race as my first foray into Zwift.  

Setup:  Cycleops Jet Fluid with Wahoo Blue sensors sent to an Ipad Air 2.

Done 1000+ miles on trainerroad without issue.  Setup is 100% the same for Zwift (ie  Distance between Ipad and sensors, etc).  

On average, my wattage dropped to zero 12-15 times per mile and my Zwift biker would stop.   Here is the chart from Strava

 On trainerroad all my charts are smooth-ish . .no drops.  Is this normal for Zwift?

Is there some sort of power smoothing where my results are legit but just a problem with the graphics? 

Confused.  Thanks

First thing I would check would be the batteries on the Wahoo S/C. 

Is there sun light hitting the sensors or the iPad?

No that is not normal, see my chart below. My first guess would be the signal had dropouts but you said all was the same.


No sunlight . .pain cave is in the basement.

Did a quick 10 min trainerroad ride right after the Zwift ride and no dropouts.

New battery in the sensors about a month ago.

Maybe Zwift doesn’t play well with Wahoo Blue sensors???

Are you sure Trainer road and all other blue tooth devices was shut down, Blue tooth can only talk to one thing at a time.

The only thing I can think of is I had a Bluetooth speaker on and the game sounds from Zwift were coming out of the speaker, not the Ipad.

Trainerroad has no sound so nothing was coming out.

I’ll test again without the speaker on.


TrainerRoad uses quite a bit less data, so while your set up may have been ideal for that software, you may need to shuffle some things around to have things work ideally on Zwift. Here is a great guide on optimizing your setup!