First ride on a kids account has an erg mode warmdown at 4w/kg

After the mini workout the warmdown is in erg mode, set at 95w. this was just under 4w/kg for the rider in question…

What is the FTP set to in that account? It’s probably too high.

That would mean that the user weighs 24 kg (52.9 lbs) and has an FTP setting in his account Zwift of somewhere around 180W (guesstimate) ???

If the WD was at 4.0 W/kg, what was the intensity of the actual workout (was this not in ERG mode too?).

If the FTP hasn’t been properly set, it will default to somewhere around 100 watts as the FTP. Doing the Ramp Test Lite will ensure that the FTP is set properly.

Ah I thought this was the new much vaunted ‘report a bug’ section. Sorry no issues for me other than just the hands up wtf when it happened. There was no user or guardian entered ftp - this was the first intro ride on a new account, there is a free ride ramp test but the cooldown section runs on erg mode. If its calculating from a default ftp then it should be easy enough for zwift to apply some sensible scaling from body weight.

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