First ride impressions

I used a KICKR with TICKR HR strap in my first beta ride. Things worked great throughout, but perhaps it was the USB ANT+ stick or the distance from the computer that prevented me from getting HR to pick up. The distance was probably only 8 feet, but maybe that was too much. KICKR/power signal was good throughout at that distance, no noticeable, sustained drops in power.

Camera views: the view that appears to follow the rider from rider’s right, but from off course (not the zoomed in view, maybe #7 or #8?) seemed to start following at a very slow rate, and then didn’t continue to follow. The camera slowly continued to move off course and go through buildings, trees, etc. I was under the impression that this view would continue to refresh as the rider progressed on the course.

Feel: the feel was very good and responded quickly to changes in grade and shifting. I was impressed with this as the response time was beyond what I expected based on previous software use (Computrainer Multirider and PerfPro). These seem a bit slower, but speed, etc. seemed to yield a better road feel than the other software solutions when in %FTP mode. %Grade mode in PerfPro was in line with the expected road feel, but having the visual to go along with that feel in Zwift was a nice change.

AI or other users: I had trouble finding how to add AI, but was able to click on other users to join them. The problem was that I never saw them after clicking on a name and then clicking the button to join.

So far so good aside from those small issues. Looking forward to getting more use on it over the weekend!