First ride and a FLYING deer

Hi! I wasn’t certain the best place to log issues or bug reports, so please tell me if there is a preferred location.

The first ride with the Computrainer was a breeze…was very happy that the load on the trainer seemed accurate…something that often seen “not quite right” with ErgVideo and other systems.

I DID notice an interesting “flying deer” on the left, just past the cruise ship. I have photos, if you’re interested. The deer seems to be above ground level and sometimes maps with the same transparency as the AI riders, yielding a flickering, flying animal.

Having spent most of my life as a software development consultant, I think your beta is looking like a winner. Doing this well with some rather-niche hardware…you’re definitely on the right track. No sign of the demon of demonstrations, yet!


I should mention that I rode three laps around the course and saw the deer on each lap.

You’ve spotted our infamous Zwift techno deer! It’s one of those things in mid-development that snuck in and only the most observant of you have spotted :). Thanks for the bug report, by next week he’ll come down to earth and start munching on some grass (and hopefully stop blinking).

Enjoy the ride, and thanks for the encouraging words.

I didnt see any deer, but I will look tonight. I too have a computrainer and noticed that the load bearing seems very accurate. That 10% grade hill on The Island was a beast.