First race question re.strava

I’m planning on doing my first race (in cycling, only ever competed in non-draft triathlons) next week because it’s a requirement for the academy program and I enjoy virtual humiliation. I saw this on the race description;

PLEASE NOTE: Strava data for KISS races must be open (not private or hidden).

Does this mean that I have to be on Strava, to race? I’m not on Strava and not planning on it. Just want to make sure.


I don’t think it matters unless you are in ‘A’ category or top 3 in your category. The Academy only cares that you enter and finish race.

Zwift Academy and TrainingPlan don’t require Strava, as your todaysplan account takes your ride data straight from Zwift.



Cheers, Zee. Nice sprinting yesterday, by the way :wink: