First look and wattage?

(robert johnston) #1

This is just about what I think of your swift.  First I will use it for training and then maybe if it is bad weather outside for just rest rides.  So far I have done a ftp test and 2 trainer rides from GCN.  Like the layout and the start stop zones and the sounds to tell me they are coming up.  Not really fused about the graphics as you will never be able to compete with the real out doors. 

My hiccup is the virtual wattage,  I think it should be more staple. As it is, it just about works.  I can only assume it works by speed and Cadence.  My problem with it is that my cadence ain’t smooth and the wattage jumps wildly at times, which then stops me from achieving that part of the workout.  It would be nice if you could clamp that down a bit to speed rather than cadence.

I have been cycling for 8+ years and know my working avg heartrate.  I have a minoura b60 trainer and setting L is way to easy for me, I need setting 3.  The point I’m making is once you know the right setting, I like the wattage, but it needs to be more stable.  Its like my Garmin verb % gradient instrument, it jumps from one side to the other and in between you might get a close reading of the gradient your on lol.    

I do like what I see so far, The fact that you can get some kind of wattage reading is good, just needs to be tighter in my case.  I also think you should have zones of say 5 sec for gear changing, we don’t all have electronic smooth gear shifters.  These the user can turn on or off when they pick their training ride.  Hope this helps some.

(Paul Allen) #2

Your wattage in-game has nothing to do with your cadence. If you are just using a speed/cadence sensor Zwift will estimate your wattage based on the speed of the rear wheel and the power curve of the trainer you selected in the pairing menu. Yes, choppy pedalling will sometimes make the speed of the rear wheel fluctuate. Are you using a 700? If you are using just a speed sensor you can select your tire size in the paring menu.

When not doing a workout you can select to have your wattage set to 3 second average, which should smooth it out.

Once most people start using Zwift regularly they either upgrade their trainer to a smart trainer or install a power meter to get more realistic wattage in-game. The main thing with training using Zwift is to have a consistent setup for all rides.

(robert johnston) #3

Thank you for replying.  I didn’t know weather it was just speed or cadence both together.  Since it is just speed, I still would like it a little tighter.  Could the fluctuations not be smoothed over a little better, so it ain’t so sensitive.  Yes it is a road 700 tire I am using and have a cadence and speed sensor.

Don’t get me wrong I like swift, but I can’t justify the cost of a smart trainer or a power meter.  That would buy me another bike lol.


(Paul Allen) #4

In your settings for Power Display do you have 3 sec avg selected? I am not 100% sure but I think this setting is just for regular rides not workouts.

(robert johnston) #5

Yes it is selected?  What does auto mean?


(Paul Allen) #6
  • Leaderboards –  toggling the point they appear on the screen, either when one a relevant section, or constantly

Here is the link to the unofficial manual for Zwift

(Gerrie Delport) #7

If you are referring to the Auto for Leader boards: Auto will show the leader boards when you are in KOM or a sprint zone. If you set it to always it will always be on the left of your screen.


And again Paul beat me to the Answer.

(robert johnston) #8

Thanks guys for the help and the manual.