First-ish impressions

(Gladys Pugh.HiDiHi) #1

Love the set workouts and Just Ride and I can see this becoming addictive however I have a couple of software gripes that are tainting the experience.  I’m using a 5 year old MacBook Air with El Capitan OS X  

Log in. It’s irritating to have to enter my email address and password every time. Why can’t we have the “remember me” option.  I’m sure I’ve seen a post/ reply that this has been sorted but not on my machine it hasn’t!

End ride. This logs me out. I often want to do another workout or ride but instead I have to enter email and password again. 

My partner and I would like to use the same account as separate users. One user per account is a bit mean. Any chance of a multi user option?