First impressions.....

(Ian Neilson) #1

Just tried the Beta for the first time. Downloaded, installed and picked up all my ANT+ sensors without a glitch. Impressive!..especially compared to the agony of using Tacx Fortius.

Coupe of observations so far;

  1. Be great if you could add the Scottish saltire flag as an option…I may be British but I am Scottish first:-)
  2. Tends to wobble you all over the road when you pass someone which is a bit disorientating.

Other than that, all looks goo so far. Look forward to seeing it mature and evolve.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the kind words! More flags will be added as time goes on (there are a LOT of flags) and we’re working on a fix for all the wibbly-wobble on the passing. It should be going out soon!