First Impressions

(Ian Montgomery) #1

Wow! This is great stuff. I can’t wait for this product to improve, it is phenomenal that this is even possible, let alone the few nitpicks I have about the beta. The graphics are great (any chance of leveraging GPUs, HDR, etc.?), the summary screen was a nice surprise, well done.

Now the nitpicks (Windows 8.1):

  1. Trying to save the workout ended up crashing the application
  2. It doesn’t appear to save sensor information, re-pairing is needed each time
  3. The speed seems quite generous given my gearing and known speeds for those ratios (CycleOps Fluid 2)

Thanks for the opportunity with such a great product. Keep up the good work!

(J Stonehouse WBR (B)) #2

I see the same points 1 & 2, Win 8.1.

(Ian Montgomery) #3

Followup to 1, not saving workout … the .fit file is properly saved, but clicking the Save button does crash the app.

(Allan Watkins) #4

CycleOps fluid 2 has a pretty good resistance curve, I’d generally end up with about ~16mph avg for a ~200 watt average ride, while outdoors that would put me around 20mph.

Don’t judge the speed by your gearing / speeds based on the trainer. Trainers all have widely varying resistance curves.

(Ian Montgomery) #5

I use this same basic setup with SportTracks and the “Live Recording” plugin and comparing the two with level-of-effort and actual rides, I’m seeing a fair amount of generosity from the Zwift app. No big deal and I’m sure it’ll be fine-tuned as time goes on, hence the beta. Thanks for the great points, Allan.