Finishing Screen when you complete the Epic routes

It would be nice if you select some o the “epic” routes , such as Four Horsemen , or the Pretzels etc that you got a nice “completed” message when you finish.

You get a notification and fanfare when you complete it the first time for the XP , but for the longer more challenging routes it would be fair I think to get them each time similar perhaps to the finish annoncement you get finishing the Tours ( Watopia/Zwift)

Doing any rout , it would be nice to see distance remaining to the finish. And once finished the finish bar, flag, gate, whatever ! To be clear and in place for longer.
Some routs I have done, I have had no indication it was completed. So carried on painfully waiting for the finish to be shown.
Not knowing if I had finished or not !

When freeriding you will spawn just before the downtown start/finish line.Events start at Beginning in downtown Watopia, you head straight for the Epic KOM.