Finish tt race an not in list

Finishd tt race , but not in list of finishd riders. Quit event 200-300meters after finish.

Looking at the activity end point for your ride, and those of others who did the same event, it looks at though your ride actually stopped 100-200 meters BEFORE the finish line. I can’t say that’s what actually happened on your ride, just that this is when the data appears to have stopped.

Complete possible , the bar that gives how much to ride was gone an it started with a new one , so i tought it was over , did cross a line but wasnt sure it was the wright one, that wit the new km bar tought it was over .thank you . Somewere i already knew it. Checkd all outher riders an they all had min 200m more . It was an awesome ride , for me as a newbie it was pretty good , it felt good . Off course i curious what time/w/kg/place i had. Pretty funny 200m short .Thank you verry much to check. Greets the newby😉

The Tempus Fugit course can be a bit tricky with the finish. Last time I did it the countdown ended the first time I crossed the line under the ‘arch’, but I had to actually keep going to the turnaround and BACK to the line under the arch before I got to the actual finish. When you cross the finish line you should go through a finish ‘force field’ (that looks like the force field at the start of events) and get a notification on the screen saying that you completed the event.