Finish point

(Tim Holden (Yogi) ZZRC. PACK) #1

Hi can you add a finish point on the mega pretzel route. I did the route earlier and your progress bar that tells you how long was left didn’t complete and was confusing. maybe the same as the finish points that you get with the group ride that you can do on Zwift group ride can use the same so you know your end point.

(David K) #2

Hey Tim.

While finish lines are important in group rides, races, and events, freerides allow you to ride as far as you want. In a freeride mode, there is no finish line. You call the shots and stop whenever you feel like you’re done. While you might like the familiarity that comes along with seeing a finish line, other members would likely be upset for feeling compelled to ride even further or prematurely end their ride due to the finish line placement. If I’m not quite understanding your request, please let me know.

(Tim Holden (Yogi) ZZRC. PACK) #3

Hi it’s the routes that you can choose from the mega pretzel route as you are doing the ride you see a progress bar that tells you how far is left to complete your routes in Zwift I was asking if it is possible to know when the route was completed as I didn’t know when I had completed the route I did in Zwift and was trying to complete the mega pretzel but was unsure if I had completed the route or if I hadn’t was unsure that why I was asking thank you

(David K) #4

Oh, I’m sorry Tim!

I totally understand now. You’re looking for a little more detail about your progress through a route, or at least something indicating that you’ve completed one lap of the route. Not a bad idea. Now that it’s detailed a bit, our developers should have a better idea of what you’re after and may select your post to base a new project from.

(Tim Holden (Yogi) ZZRC. PACK) #5

Thanks for your.reply and if you can do that with the routes that will be great thanks for all your help Zwift is a great training tool and good fun

(John Crick) #6

+1 to this request. It’s had me confused since I first started using Zwift a few weeks ago. If I pick a route from the list, I’d expect to get some indication of how far I’ve got left to go and certainly an indication that I’ve finished. I hope this can be added. Overall Zwift is just brilliant.