'Finish' partial saves

I’ve just done a decent hour (got KOM for the first time!) but just as I was exiting my internet dropped.

It didn’t send to Strava.

Log in to Zwift.com and the ride is partial.

Even if I download the .fit file it won’t import into Golden Cheetah as it’s not ‘finished’ or a fully closed out file (since it’s a partial save).


Is there a way to fix the partial save so the .fit file is still usable??


Thanks in advance,


i have never had trouble downloading partial saves from the fit files and when i do i get the full ride upload it to your strava from my documents/zwift/activities.


Thanks Wayne, I’ve tried this but I get the Strava error ‘Corrupted time data’ and they link to here – More Information

Would love to know if there’s anything that can be done here. My internet can be quite spotty so I foresee this being a regular occurence.

I don’t mind people around me disappearing due to internet dropping but it’s disappointing to lose the stats you’ve ridden.

I’ve had this before. Zwift saves the fit file locally (in the same place zwift is installed) before uploading. If you find it there it should upload to Strava etc fine. 

You ride only goes on zwift.com at the end, like Strava, so the drop screws that over too.

today i got the same problem and no way to recover the file. I hope zwift realize that I made at least one lap today to get the kit 1 lap 5 days of 8.

Hi I know this thread is old. I too had issue with a partial workout. Zwift only saw two miles of the workout. I was able to find the local file and recover the entire workout. I searched computer for *.fit files and located the workout. When uploaded to Strava, it contained entire workout. Hope this helps someone else 

Hi, one more suggestion. If you download the FIT file from Zwift or find the local copy and it is corrupt it is worth trying Fit File Repair Tool (see http://fitfilerepairtool.info/). I use this software frequently to fix corrupted FIT files from my Garmin and it works with files generated by Zwift also.