Finish Lines Don't go across the road

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The red striped line that shows the end of a segment is going down the center line “near” the finish of the segment as opposed to “across the road” as you would expect. I obviously have not ridden all of zwift but it was happening in Watopia and NY.

The red striped line is the START of a segment, not the finish, and only goes across the side of the road in the direction you are riding. Segments FINISH at a banner or arch.

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I’m not my native language, so I’m sorry if my answer is wrong.
All types of line pass judgments on zwift are the moment the rear wheels leave the line.
It is not the moment when the front wheels reach the line.
And there are exceptions on some lines.
So I don’t know which one is normal with ZWIFT.

About exceptions.
The actual judgment line is in front of the line displayed in the figure.
And some are judged without touching the lines that appear in the graphic.

Can you post a screenshot please? And what platform are you running Zwift on?

Fully aware that there is one at the start… I’ve been around zwift a while. What I’m saying is that there is now a dotted red line at the end of segments. In the middle of the road and at 90degress to the edges of the road.

here is one example from lutece express. It also happens in NY, Crit City, and Watopia.

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screen shot above. Windows 11 and ATV show the same. Others show it on their twitch streams. Team confirms they’ve all also seen it. Don’t think it is platform specific.

here is another. Like I said; typically 3 striped red lines. One thing that is fascinating is how the distance varies from banner to the dotted line.

That is interesting. Riding on ATV and iPad the past few days I have not noticed that at all. Of course, I’m also watching racing on GCN at the same time, so perhaps I’ve just missed it. Will pay more attention next time.

I noticed a red dot on ATV under arches in Neokyo just the other day. I don’t think they were there before.


Please forgive my ignorance, but I’m somewhat at a loss as to exactly what’s being discussed here. I bounced it off some of my colleagues, but there seems to be some general confusion.

I’ve never seen “3 striped red lines”, nor do they seem evident in your screenshots.

I do see 3 dots (2 black and 1 red) under the arch in the screenshot, which Steve also mentioned, and which I’ve further pinpointed in my own attached screenshot.

Is this what’s being inquired about? If so, I don’t know what that means either, but if you’d like, I can reach out to the team and try to find out.
3 dots

@Steven_D I’m pretty sure that the dots in your photo are what the OP is questioning. I have to say that I forgot to look for them during my ride this morning (I was watching yesterday’s Algarve stage), but I’ll try to remember tomorrow. (I’ll put a sticky note near the trainer now.)

On Apple TV, I saw one single red dot under the arches on a Neokyo route. I’m pretty sure that these never used to be there.

Hi @Matt_Wheeler

I heard back from the team on this and confirmed that the dots are “starting marker lights” which evidently now appear under multiple arches in Zwift.

They seem to appear quite differently in hi-res graphics, so the hardware one runs for Zwift will largely determine how these lines/dots appear in-game.

This is not working quite as intended (from what I’ve gathered), but the team is aware of this and working on a fix.


Just another data point for checking this issue while it’s being worked on:
On ‘Chasing the Sun’ route in Makuri Islands, below the green arch at the 32.4 km point (20.13 miles), I noticed three distinct red dots in a line perpendicular to the centre of the finish line.
(Apple TV 4K, tvOS 15.3, Zwift v1.22.4)

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I noticed the 3 dots in the middle of the road under the arch during the UCI world champ race stream in new york.

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@Mike_Rowe1 and @Roule_Thoune

Thanks for the feedback on this! This Forums thread has a bug report number tagged on it, so that should provide increased visibility for tracking purposes as Zwift’s developers continue to work on this issue. Thanks again!