Finding People to Join Meet Up Issue

There has been issues with creating meet up’s for months now.

I invite 32 people twice a week, if I click do again it adds 8 (out of 32) if I look to add favourites it find 4 out of 16.

I have to basically search everyone individually out of nearly 400 people to create a meet up twice a week.

It used to work great but not worked properly for so long now.

As someone that organises rides each week this is biggest bug bear ever.

There must be others with the same issues?

Our IRL club had the same issue. The leaders follow non club members so it used to involve a manual scrolling like you have mentioned.

We got round it by asking each person that wants to ride in club meetups to suffix their name with an acronym (eg COPZ). You can then search for ‘COPZ’ and simply click on everyone to invite them.

It is a work around, not ideal, but it works.

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Thanks Martin, yeah we do have this but sadly not everyone have added the club so I still spend ages searching for people who has not added that to their name. I hope they sort out soon as it’s little things like this that cause so much frustration.

Haha… We also had the same. After a couple of weeks of moaning after not being invited they soon added the suffix.

You are obviously much nicer than me by doing the manual search!!

I suspect the clubs functionality will resolve this if it ever gets a full release.