Final Word on Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+

(Dave Petrie) #61


I also have the Qubo mounted to the Inside Ride rollers.  I struggled with the calibration for a while and finally bought a pedal-based power meter and now I’ve got it working really well. 

Since you have the Power Tap hub, I have a few ideas that may help.

I think the phone would be best…







(Glen Gollrad [VFOX]) #62

Update 1:

Using the PC based Elite eTraining App with the ANT+ dongle was 1,000x better to tinker with P1, P2, and P3 settings and see / test results quickly. I had hoped to tweak them real time while in Zwift; use my iPhone and the Connection App as usual, unpair the QUBO, ride in Zwift while changing the settings via ANT+ in the Elite software independently and then pair in Zwift to test within that environment. That was expecting too much… but I learned and achieved a few things:

  1. The ANT+ seems like a really solid connection - not just for the QUBO unit but for all my devices (I had hoped I could pair the QUBO via ANT+ for the better control in Zwift, and keep the rest in BLE - but no go, turns out ANT+ for everything is good).

  2. I hadn’t realized my Wahoo Tickr broadcasts in ANT+ - now I know.

  3. The PowerTap hub broadcasts all the metrics pretty much the same via either BLE or ANT+ but I knew that.

  4. For my taste, I am finding WILDLY high P1 & P2 numbers, and a somewhat high number for P3 combined with Zwift’s 100% trainer feedback setting is getting me what I want. The full range of feedback “feel” across a range of resistance that is reasonable. 12% climbs are hard - they should be - but I can sit and spin them out with an extra cog or two to spare. Flats have a nominal resistance, and descents feel like they should. Freakin’ cool! What was hilarious was in one round of changing the settings, restarting everything, connecting to Zwift - it pulled power from the QUBO making for the absurd power numbers you’d imagine. BUT that is 100% NOT MY INTENT. My power readings come from my well cared for, properly calibrated hub.

  5. Settings at the moment are P1 = 900w; P2 = 800w; P3 = 450w. Still slightly too hard at the hardest - but I’m trying to adapt and HTFU! 

Thanks for all the feedback. It is 100% a Bluetooth issue here, as those same numbers fed into the QUBO but using BLE connection are heinous.