FFWD - all 4 stages completed but no mail received

Hey all,

FFWD - all 4 stages completed but no mail received

As far as I understand the process, you have to complete all 4 stages and an email will be send with an invitation to a 5th race which is required to get the FFWD wheels.

How do I get the invite for the 5th race pls?


Contact the race organiser please.

There’s a link to their Facebook Group in the about section of the league.

I sent an email to FFWD, pasted a comment in Facebook and sent a direct message in FB messenger…: No response…

Somebody knows when the mails will be send around? Did somebody received the invitation mail already?

I haven’t had mine yet. Looks like they’ll have to send them out tomorrow if the ride is going to be on Monday. Let us know if you hear anything?

I have also completed all four stages but how or when will I to be invited for the social unlock ride to get the in-game FFWD wheels???

I don’t see any link to the organizer in the about section of the league!

Is there another way to contact pls

Thanks but I don’t have facebook!

Is there also another way to contact?

That’s the only information I was able to find I’m afraid.

I’ve messaged Jacek… Will let you know if I hear anything in reply.

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Hi again. I’ve had a reply from Jacek. He’s on the case with Zwift and will post a comment here once he knows more.

Yes, I’m the co-organizer from community perspective. The mails are being sent by Zwift. So I will check with my contact at Zwift and will let you know the outcome here. Don’t worry, we will make sure you will get the link for the victory lap event.

Hi, I also did not receive an invitation mail yet. Maybe you had to register before the start of the event on the Zwift FFWD event page.
( I did not, I thought that participating in the individual events was enough)

Also still waiting… hope we get an answer soon. Still riding the stock wheels :crazy_face:

i’m also still waiting

Good news (at least for me)!

I got my invitation email 1 hour ago and was able to sign in for the 5th event.

Good luck.

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Yes, me too. Thanks all, see you on Monday!


Yes I’am also invited for the Final Victory race

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Still no e-mail… :disappointed_relieved:

The mails have been sent out yesterday evening (CET). If you are entitled to participate in the victory event and you didn’t receive the mail, please send me a PM so I can send you the event link.