Few Learner Questions

Hi all, I have just joined Zwift and completed two rides trying to familiarise myself with the system and I like it. I have an Elite Directo XRT and a trial subscription. Is it normal to be really hard to pedal to get it going? The Welcome to Watopia message on the screen never goes away despite riding? Thanks

Hi Joe, and welcome to Zwift!

Like in real life cycling, it can be hard to get going on any trainer if you’re in a high gear. So I always try and switch to a low gear before I end a ride, making it easier to start the next one.

As for a “Welcome to Watopia message” sticking on the screen, has this happened on both your rides? It’s good practice to start by making sure your version of Zwift is updated to the latest version, and that the firmware on your trainer is up to date. This is a good starting point for any tech issues on Zwift.

If that doesn’t help, it may be worth you giving a few more details of what device you’re using to run Zwift.

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Hi @Joe_Murray

Welcome to the forum.

I assume you are revering to the intro ride. When you start Zwift the first time you have to do the intro ride. You just have to do it once.

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I have exactly the same model of trainer. It’s something unusual that I can’t put my finger on (possibly a bug.of some sort though I’m not sure how to help verify it), but the resistance becomes more tolerable if you manage to get some regular low cadence, despite how difficult it might be to physically move the pedals even at a low gear.

I have a direti x and have the same stuck in the mud thing on startup initially sometimes, it’s like the trainer is throwing the brakes on me but it does go away after a revolution or 2. Feels like erg mode doing something even though erg isn’t on

Yeah, I’m thinking of reporting it as a bug, but will need to collect a few workout logs to do so, I think. Probably should check against other cycling apps to check it’s on Zwift’s side vs Elite.

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