Female Avatar hair

I am a blonde female with very long hair. I would like to be able to have option of either a blonde longhair pony tail, or a long braid when creating my avatar. Thanks!

Same here! Any word on this?

There are lots of requests like this already https://forums.zwift.com/search?q=Avatar%20hair

More lengths, colours, styles. Avatar customisation isn’t a high priority I’d say based on the evidence.

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Yes, I’m aware that many people have asked for this seemingly trivial improvement and yet it has not been forthcoming …

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I am in the same boat. I have long dark hair and don’t understand why there aren’t longer hair options for avatars. It looks like this has been a topic in the forum for a number of years so it would be great to get some good news.

Please see below from a different thread.


Someone else explained to me that jerseys are rendered separately from heads and they can’t overlap – that’s why we can’t have long hair. I immediately thought this explanation should be more widely known since this is such a wished-for feature. Put it in the avatar design section of the game so we don’t have to go looking for it!