Feedback on first ride counter clock wise - Watopia

Everything looked fine.  I didn’t pay close attention to the surroundings as the route had my attention.  There were very on 2 to 3 riders that showed on the rider board although it said 30 at the bottom of the screen.  The lead boards were populated.  I was able to get both the KOM and Lap jerseys which should never happen! :wink:  Someone who was not listed on the rider board stole the KOM.  One of the riders I could see received the sprinters jersey but it did no show on his name in the board. I can submit my ride file if it would be helpful.  Great Job!!!  Loving it.

Hi David,

The rider list only shows who’s currently going in the same direction as you but the number represents everyone who is near you, regardless of direction.


Just seems weird that there were so few people going in that direction on the island at that time.  Thanks for the update.  Keep up the great work!!! Ride on!